Introducing Data Management for Raiser's Edge NXT®

Trent Johnson on February 23, 2021

Using a revolutionary new integration, DMI now brings its industry-leading enterprise data solutions to organizations in Raiser's Edge NXT®.

Are you struggling to get the segmentation, reporting, and assistance you need with your constituent data in Raiser's Edge NXT? Good news: Using a revolutionary new integration, DMI now brings its industry-leading enterprise data solutions to the Raiser's Edge NXT platform. Whether you’re a fundraiser seeking insight into campaign performance or a direct mail professional trying to get mailings out the door, DMI’s Raiser's Edge NXT integration is the clear path forward.

How It Works


Integration is easy and takes just minutes with our secure integration with Raiser's Edge NXT. Using the available APIs, our integration makes a perfect clone of the relevant data in your Raiser's Edge NXT instance into a secure data warehouse for your organization. Synchronization to DMI from Raiser's Edge NXT happens automatically as frequently as once per day.


Our data analysts get to work building conversion logic that carefully and accurately copies relevant data from the Raiser's Edge NXT format into the format of our proprietary, high-performance managed database. During this process, our analysts will identify and report data integrity issues they uncover, document the mapping and business logic required for conversion, and become fluent in your organization’s data.

Solutions Implementation

After conversion is complete, your organization has access to our incredible lineup of nonprofit data solutions –– such as direct mail data processing, enterprise segmentation and donor selections, and analytics and business intelligence.

Reverse Integration

Need us to send anything back to Raiser's Edge NXT –– such as updated addresses, segmentation codes, or donor summary calculations? No problem! We’ll work with you to write business rules to update data in Raiser's Edge NXT just the way you need it.

Connect Them All

Are you struggling to keep up with all yours apps? We’ve got a solution for that. We can help your organization develop complex, reliable "if this, then that" strategies that connect your apps together and eliminate time spent manually copying and fixing data between Raiser's Edge NXT and other platforms.

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