Data Management for Raiser's Edge NXT®

Need help with data processing, segmentation and analytics for your house file in Raiser's Edge NXT? Our secure data warehouse integrates seamlessly with Raiser's Edge NXT giving your organization access to everything DMI has to offer.

How It Works

Turning on the integration couldn't be easier! Our staff will walk you through the process in 15 minutes or less.

Using our proprietary, high-performance integration with Raiser's Edge NXT, we'll create a copy of your Raiser's Edge NXT data in our secure data warehouse. Anytime you create new records in Raiser's Edge NXT, modify records, or delete them, those changes will be automatically replicated to our data warehouse in record time.

Our architects develop conversion programs that migrate your data from its current Raiser's Edge NXT format in the data warehouse into DMI's enterprise-grade manage database schema.

Once the data conversion is complete, you'll have access to our entire collection of solutions, which include:

We can send changes to your donor records, mailing history, and other data entries back to Raiser's Edge NXT automatically so that you don't have to.

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