Direct-Mail Data Processing

We know your next campaign is only as good as the data you use to execute it, and that’s why we offer a full suite of data segmentation and processing services. We’re committed to being the fastest nonprofit data processor in the industry.

DMI runs housefile selects quickly and accurately. No additional programming is needed, nor any query language expertise. PrintPlus, our proprietary database selection system, is flexible and easy to use. You can pull files based on any select in your database, including gift information, Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM) and complex demographic segments. In addition, you can create new selects from almost any field in your database.

Want to send more effective mailings? Segment your database into target groups, then create models to find lookalike prospects. Better segmentation will enable you to analyze donor profitability, predict response rates and improve your overall performance. Messaging is an important way to communicate your organization’s mission. With our Acxiom Demographic data we can overlay pertinent data to your list and then segment the data so you can track the results. Your data can be split into various panels using proportional cross sectioning or based on any data elements in your file.

DMI converts every incoming file within 24 hours of receipt. Our software detects inaccuracies in the name fields, including invalid prefixes, suffixes, and invalid characters in names. (Indeed, we verify that every record has an address).

Don’t lose response because of bad addressing and other forms of poor hygiene. DMI can get your list into mail-ready shape overnight with address hygiene software from Group1/Pitney Bowes and DMI’s proprietary programs.

Do you send acknowledgements? DMI will produce the lists and send them to your printer automatically based on your business rules. We check acknowledgement selects as thoroughly as we do your housefile mailings. DMI will make the data available for acknowledgements immediately after updating.

DMI uses Group1/Pitney Bowes’ Merge/Purge Plus to deduplicate lists: It’s our tool of choice. Merge/Purge Plus finds duplicates that other systems miss. It relies on sophisticated algorithms to match nicknames and full names, post office boxes and street addresses, and to resolve variations. You get first-class merge/purge from both the technical and service standpoints. We can easily adjust the algorithms to fit your parameters.

Additional Merge Purge features include:

  • Super Dupe Processing
  • Chronic Non-Responder Identification
  • Specialized Prioritization
  • Family Grouping

The National Change of Address file (NCOA) consists of over 160 million address changes collected by the U.S. Postal Service. We’ll complete your NCOA processing in less than 24 hours for any size list. NCOA covers 48 months of address changes.

With NCOA, you get these value-added services:

  • SuiteLink™ appends secondary suite information to business addresses
  • LACSLink™ converts address changes from rural to city formats
  • DPV® (Delivery Point Validation) identifies whether a ZIP-4-coded address exists in the USPS delivery file
  • DPV® Vacant identifies addresses that are vacant 90+ days

Some movers don’t register their address changes with NCOA—the number is as high as 40%. Where do you find them? With our Proprietary Change of Address service (PCOA).

PCOA identifies address changes primarily through:

  • Credit sources
  • Magazine subscription providers
  • Utility companies

And, you can conduct these updates as part of the NCOA process.

Don’t lose postal discounts with sloppy mail preparation. Our Group1 interactive CASS system will automatically update your ZIP+4s. Group1 is CASS-certified—that assures the USPS that your piece has the correct ZIPs, +4’s carrier routes, and delivery point barcodes.

And with CASS, you get these value-added services:

  • SuiteLink™ appends secondary suite information to business addresses
  • LACSLink ™ converts address changes from rural to city formats
  • DPV ® (Delivery Point Validation) identifies whether a ZIP-4-coded address exists in the USPS delivery file
  • DPV Vacant identifies addresses that are vacant 90+ days

Missing apartment numbers can result in undelivered solicitations. But there’s a way to turn that undeliverable mail into deliverable mail: DMI’s apartment append service. You can correct or replace a large majority of missing or incorrect apartment numbers from their addresses.

Identify records you don’t want to communicate with:

  • Prisons
  • Vulgar words
  • Companies
  • DMA preference
  • Schools and universities
  • Disaster areas

We work closely with list brokers to coordinate the receipt of lists for acquisition mailings. Our conversion department logs in and converts all files within 24 hours of receipt, and tracking can be done online in real time. We also send a daily inventory by email.

Tired of mailing people who never respond? DMI can identify chronic non-responders and suppress them from future mailings. First, we analyze data from your prior mailings, seeking trends that point to lack of response. We then conduct lifetime value analysis to determine the cost savings of not mailing these individuals. You save time and money while boosting your overall response.

It’s important that incoming funds are available ASAP. Our scanline solution facilitates that. Our programming staff can create specialized scanlines with its own check-digit formula based on your business rules. The result? Incoming donations will be processed more quickly and accurately and fresh information will be ready for acknowledgement and housefile appeal processing. Think of the cost savings of automated scanning verses manual data entry.

One of the many tasks in preparing your data is creating salutations. Greeting your donors and prospects is important and should be handled with care. We create salutation logic and upper/lower casing for both personalized and general salutations (i.e., “Dear Friend” or “Dear John” or “Dear Dr. Smith”), based on your preferences.

We run hundreds of presorts per week, using Group1/Pitney Bowes’ Mailstream Plus software. Group1/Pitney Bowes is PAVE-certified by the USPS. (PAVE stands for Presort Accuracy, Validation and Evaluation).

Charities need all the revenue they can find. Don’t let poor List Fulfillment cost you an order. DMI manages over 100 active List Fulfillment accounts. Fulfillment starts with our Quick Counts application. Your list manager can get counts within seconds, and unlike some systems, you can omit prior orders, run ZIP files against the counts and even select demographic data.

Our List Fulfillment department focuses only on fulfilling your orders and offering you the tools to better market your lists. Like our Quick Counts system, we offer unlimited selects, starting with state, ZIP+4, recency, frequency and gender. That’s not all.

Want to omit prior orders? That’s easily done.

Orders are fulfilled within 24 hours and real-time tracking of the status is available online.

With Rental List Enhancement, DMI can turn your file into a more marketable rental property by overlaying Acxiom demographic data. We offer selects like age, income, marital status, religion, net worth, and donor to other charities. These overlays are updated each month, and new counts are sent to the list manager after each update.

DMI maintains a national CDS (Computerized Delivery Sequence) Walk Sequence Resident file. We have been providing "Resident" Addresses to the mailing community for more than 50 years. Our staff has the knowledge & expertise you need to make your mailing campaign a total success. In addition to all our on line services, our customer service department is available every business day to meet all your needs and requirements.

Browse enrichment processing services such as NCOA, PCOA, and apartment append.

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