Bytespree Data Management Platform

Bytespree is the most advanced data management platform tailored for nonprofits. With Bytespree, you get access to all your data in one place regardless of the CRM or marketing tools you use. Plus, with Bytespree Studio™, anyone with a basic understanding of Excel is empowered to analyze warehoused data, create reports, and use data to reach key business objectives.

Bytespree was originally created by Data Management Inc. to automate the deployment and management of data infrastructure for some of the world’s largest and most data-informed nonprofit organizations. Now, Bytespree’s powerful, automated data warehouse and intuitive data analysis layer are available as SaaS solutions to all nonprofits –– big and small.

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One platform. Two incredible products.

All your data in one place with Bytespree Warehouse™

Create a data warehouse in just minutes by connecting to your CRM and other apps. Set up sync schedules, connect to BI tools like Tableau, and govern data access.

Create something incredible with Bytespree Studio™

Anyone with a basic understanding of Excel now has the ability to analyze data stored in the Bytespree Warehouse. Join data together across sources, create reports, and embark on data governance journeys that will multiply the impact of your data.