Companion Partnership Program

You’ve built an innovative, feature-filled nonprofit CRM, but larger nonprofits don’t include you in their RFPs. The Companion Partnership Program (CPP) revolutionizes your CRM offering with a suite of enterprise data management solutions designed to support the direct mail fundraising operations of medium and larger nonprofits.

Let's Do This Together

Partnering with DMI to white label our data management solutions is a win-win for each of us. You're able to bring your CRM to more organizations, and we're able to bring our data management solutions to more organizations too. Partnership is free – you'll only pay for services your clients use.

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How It Works

We evaluate your CRM solution to make sure that it meets the minimum partnership CRM requirements. These requirements include:

  • A performant mechanism for data synchronization such as a RESTful API, direct-SQL access, or bulk export web service
  • Support for standard fundraising objects such as donors, campaigns, and transactions
  • Sufficient CRM system documentation

Engineers on our integrations team collaborate with at least one engineer at your organization to build a performant, secure integration between our data warehousing platform and your CRM.

We provide you with marketing materials (technical and sales copy, illustrations, and solution guides) for our nonprofit data management services so that you can incorporate them into your website and printed materials.

When you receive requests for information or quotes on nonprofit data management services, your dedicated account manager can directly or indirectly answer questions and provide pricing details. Our staff will always represent themselves as agents of your company.

When you receive RFP requests that require nonprofit data management solutions, your dedicated account manager will work directly with you to answer data management and data processing sections of the RFP questionnaire.

When your clients need data processing, segmentation, selection, and analytical services, our staff work directly with your clients to deliver the desired services.