What Every Fundraiser Should Know About Facebook’s Fundraising Tools

Trent Johnson on August 5, 2018

Raising money for a cause can be difficult. Even if you have a solid concept and the best of intentions, trying to attract the attention of those who are in a position to assist can be a real challenge. Luckily, social media can help. It provides a way to connect with people who care about your cause, and it helps validate your nonprofit or organization. To this end, Facebook debuted some tools in recent years that fundraisers like you will appreciate.

What are Facebook’s fundraising tools?

Facebook has a special section of its website dedicated to charitable giving. This works in two ways. The first is active fundraising, which gives you the ability to leverage email as well as Facebook and Messenger to reach your supporters. Your supporters can even make donations to your organization from within Facebook. It is fast, easy and intuitive, taking just a few taps to go from interest to receipt.

Secondly, Facebook offers a Donate button so you can raise money right from your Facebook page. While you still have the option to direct would-be donors to your site, you can have Facebook process everything for you using a simple, one-page form.

How are Facebook’s users engaging with Fundraising through the platform?

When someone decides to make a donation from one of these outreach efforts, they are prompted to share a message stating they gave to the cause. You may be able to attract new supporters this way as well. It is a wonderful way for a supporter to talk about the cause, why he or she feels it is important to donate, and why your nonprofit is his or her chosen charity. Think of it as helping your supporters start a conversation about your cause and your nonprofit’s work.

For people who do not have a cause, Facebook is helping them discover ways to get involved. Users will find a “Fundraisers” tab at the top of the user News Feeds. By clicking the “Manage” button, users can see the charities their friends have invited them to support, or they can click on the “Discover” tab to see popular fundraisers.

How might Facebook’s investment in fundraising technology change crowdfunding?

Facebook’s investment in fundraising technology is a real game changer because it makes crowdfunding accessible. While other crowdfunding sites do exist – and let’s face it, there are quite a few – charities often get mixed up with people trying to raise money to start a business and others who are asking friends for money for a personal reason. Facebook’s fundraising technology clarifies who is asking for donations and verifies the identity of the person asking for money. It’s a peace-of-mind that just wasn’t there in other such tools.

How can a nonprofit get started with Facebook’s fundraising tools?

To get started, you will need to have a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and be based in the United States. You also need to make sure your Facebook Page is set up as a nonprofit page; then, you click here to work through the verification process. Once approved, you can add a Donate button to your Page by navigating to your Facebook Page and clicking on Create Call to Action (directions here). You can also add a Donate button to your Facebook Ads using the Ad Manager tool, or you can include a Donate button on the posts you publish as your Page.